Metal injection molding (MIM) is a hybrid metal fabrication process. MIM allows for easy shaping of products like plastic injection molding. It also allows for the materials flexibility of conventional powder metallurgy. MIM is ideal for the mass production of small, intricate components.MIM enables one to create any kind of metal body. It is primarily employed in the making of small, complex, tailored metal parts that are not readily available in the market and must be custom made. These parts generally weigh less than 100 grams.The MIM process allows for considerably more design freedom than other metal fabrication processes like die casting. You can choose from almost any combination of metal powder and plastic binders to produce even the most complex shapes.

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The injection molding process starts by taking fine powder metallurgy and mixing it with a binder material. The product of mixing metal powders with a binder is called “feedstock.” In addition to producing a feedstock, a mold is also created for your final product. The feedstock is then injected into the mold where it is allowed to set and solidify. Once the injected metal has set, the binder removal procedure starts. This process varies depending on the type of binder initially employed.

Typically, there are multiple steps in the debinding process. Each part usually goes through more than one cycle to ensure maximum removal of the binding material before sintering. After debinding is finished, the part is semi-porous. This allows the secondary binder to more easily escape during the sintering cycle. Debinding is a critical step as without it the part would not be as sturdy.

Finally, the product must undergo a sintering process, which ensures that all the parts produced have the correct wall thickness, geometry, material composition, and physical properties. Using this process, a high volume of products can easily be made.

Why Choose Baison for Metal Injection Moulding?

Metal injection molding is an excellent way to produce complex shapes and components with maximum efficiency and scalability. If you’re interested in utilizing metal injection molding to produce a new product or component. Here at Baison, we can help you design your mold, select the appropriate materials, and produce the parts in volumes.

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Materials We Work With:

Here at Baison, various materials are available for metal injection molding, we can manufacture your precision MIM parts using many kinds of materials.

Start your first projects? Here is the datasheet of materials we work with.

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