Coating and Finishing Services & Equipment:

Baison is offering one-stop-shopping engineering service so surface treatment service included when it requires. Baison is working with world class coating and finishing factories to meet your surface treatment requirements such as anodizing, chrome plating, powder coating etc.

  • Equipment for CNC Coating and Finishing

Baison is offering fine anodizing services

The anodizing process is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminum parts. Anodizing increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and provides better adhesion for primers and glues than bare aluminum. Anodic films can be used for cosmetic effects by applying a thick porous coating that can absorb dyes and it can be used to prevent galling of threaded components. Furthermore, anodized coatings are also non-conductive.

Baison is offering powder coating services

Powder coating is a surface treatment used to protect metals and other materials against potentially harmful environmental factors. This coating is applied electrostatically as a free-flowing powder and cured under heat or UV light. It can be applied to any material, but it is commonly used on steel, aluminum, and plastic. Powder coating differs from traditional liquid paint, which is generally applied using an evaporating solvent. Though it is not as durable as PVD coating due to its thickness, it provides excellent rust prevention, color uniformity and scratch protection.

  • Equipment for CNC Coating and Finishing
Equipment for CNC Coating and Finishing

Baison is offering chrome plating services

Chrome plating is done through the process of electroplating, a technique that reduces dissolved metal cations in an electrolyte salt bath to allow a seamless metal coating to form on the desired object. Soil or dirt is first removed from the desired object and often, the underlying metal is pretreated before being placed into a chrome plating vat. Depending on the type of metal being plated, the process requires different pretreatments to etch the metal for specific metal types to roughen surfaces and prepare the metal for chrome plating. An electric current is then run through the plating bath for a specific amount of time. Metal objects can be plated at a slow rate or a fast rate depending on the current. The amount of time required varies based on the thickness of the chrome plating needed and the current applied.

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