Our experienced engineering team can help you work through your concepts and identify the best material and production method for your requirements, and where possible, suggest design enhancements which will reduce costs. Prior to committing to manufacture, we normally provide with prototyped or the 3D printed models to ensure that it meet the specification requirement. We are always on hand to help and advise post-delivery with any future requirements or design changes.

  • CNC design service

3D modelling

3D modeling is a process and a subset of Computer Aided Design (CAD) for creating a digital visual representation of any object or surface. It makes use of specialized computer software to create any 3D model, in which the object can be either inanimate or living. Our engineers are using Solidworks, Fusion360 to help you create your concept to 3D models before mass production to avoid of manufacturing failure.

Drawing evaluation & Optimization

Starting with the Product drawing provided by customers (2D & 3D), our team will research and compare existing vs. new technologies to identify the optimal components for your product efficiently. With every selection, we carefully consider costs, supply chains, manufacturability, and performance. We then start building 3D models with full manufacturing-grade top-of-the-line software such as Solidworks Premier or Fusion360. We communicate with our customer closely to finalize the best way to manufacturing the component.

  • CNC design service
CNC design service

Prototyping & Machining program

When the drawings finalized, we start working on machining jigs & programming the machines etc. This requires more technical expertise; We normally make a few to test everything and present testing report to our customers so that they know the mass produced components are meet specs as designated. Our 40+ CNC milling and turning machines are ready for get the job done when prototypes signed off.

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