China-based CNC Machining & Engineering Company

Looking for the best precision CNC milling, turning & engineering services company in China? Here at Baison, we are an ISO9001 certified and FDA registered factory providing you with one-stop shopping for machined billet parts and non-ferrous castings requiring certifications, CMM reports, secondary coatings, component installation, component assembly, and more. Our customers are mainly from EU, UK, and the United States.

The Advanced CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

  • Trust-worthy One stop engineering serivice provider in China.
  • 10+ years of CNC machining experience in manufacturing customized components.
  • ISO9001:2015 certified and FDA registered factory to ensure accuracy consistency.
  • Cut costs by continuing manufacturing optimization.
  • Rapid prototypes & fast delivery.
  • 40+ CNC milling, turing machines as well as associated equipents in house.
Our On-Demand Manufacturing Services

With a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities, we support custom parts production on demand and high volume production, and create parts with complex geometric designs and highly cosmetic demands.

Baison CNC Machining Manufacturer
Developed More Than 100,000 Kinds of CNC Machining Parts
Successful Projects Are Developed By Baison CNC Milling Services Manufacturer in China
Support Behind Numerous Industries

With the superior quality and reliable functionality of our prototypes, molds, and finished products, they see extended use in various industries as they become integral components for many businesses.

Automotive Parts & Products Machining

Baison is supplying precision machined mechanical parts such as pins, rigs, valves & housings etc to the automotive industry with tight tolerances. The complex requirements of this sector have prompted the company to direct its activities towards continual dynamic improvement. Whether in small or large series, Baison produces CNC machined parts for the automotive industry with guaranteed quality and product excellence.

Customized & Standard Windows and Doors Components

Baison is working with window & door manufactuers to customize their products for both small and big volumes. The main products we are focusing on this sector are hinges, cleats, restrictors as well as customized profiles, door locks etc. We have been supplying to the British market for 5+ years and the US market for more than 3 years.

Developing, designing and manufacturing crutches & walkers

Baison is known globally as the great manufacturer in developing, designing and manufacturing medical devices. We continue to strive for perfection by comply with international quality standards. Our monthly production capacity is more than 50 containers. With years of rich experience for medical rehabilitation instruments, the complete lines of products include walkers, commodes, bath benches, canes, crutch, bed rails and so on. Our products are used and distributed throughout North America, South America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

Certified manufactuer of customized components for machinery

For over 10 years we have served the machinery industry and manufactured products such as toggle switches, slip clutches, friction hinges, joystick switches, over-running clutches, mechanical clutches, indexing clutches, slip couplings, spring wrapped clutch brakes, omni-directional joystick toggle switches, push button toggle switches, single axis joystick toggle switches, dual axis toggle switches, single revolution clutches, friction clutches, etc.

High precision components for the video equipments

Baison has been supplying customized components with tight tolerance to world known video equipment manufactures from the UK, USA and Australia. This is a very special sector which requires great attention, profounded skills and proper testings. The tolerances between components are very tight normally +/-0.005 or less which is a big challenge to both machinery and engineers. Baison has established the entire system to manage the process from raw material testing to final inspection before shipping. It saves a lot of time and costs for our customers to do it over again, then shorten their lead time.