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Sinotekk is a key partner of your company, because so much of what you do begins with a part being machined well. Here you will find a total complement of machining equipment and processes from state-of-the-art CNC machining centers to automated loading of dual spindle lathes.

Sinotekk is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China. We specialize in providing machining, manufacturing and assembly services for small or large volume lot sizes for a variety of markets. Sinotekk is a medium size but fast growing factory with 8 CNC machines (4 axles) and an equal amount of specialized support equipment.

One of Sinotekk’s strengths is our ability to help your team design the product best suited for their markets, making the product more affordable and manufacturing friendly. Customers often use this ability to bring their products to market faster than the competition.

Our ability to be production-ready on short notice is made possible by tooling-up quickly utilizing our experienced tool designer & manufacturing house. Within a couple of weeks we are able to run production on new products. Whether the quantities are small or large, Sinotekk has the capabilities of meeting our customers’ most demanding needs.

Sinotekk has many key managers, engineers and loyal employees. The average years of service at sinotekk for management is 10 years while the average years of service for all others is 7 years. It is the dedication, professionalism and talent of the employees that has made Sinotekk grow up gradually.

Sinotekk has over 20,00 sq. ft. of manufacturing space that spans all divisions. This includes 1200 sq. ft. for machining, manufacturing and assembly.

Sinotekk is very proud to keep a clean and organized facility. We believe that this commitment carries into the quality, productivity and work habits of the parts that we make. Sinotekk annually hosts over 10 customer visits. These visitors resoundingly voice their approval of our facilities and physical capabilities. All customers and potential customers are welcomed and encouraged to visit Sinotekk.

The Processes – formal systems have long been established at Sinotekk. We continually monitor and measure the processes, efficiencies, quality, customer service and operating costs for all processes. Goals are established using cross-function teams that constantly measures, documents and adjusts as needed each day to be certain that our processes continue to exceed customer expectations. The tangible benefits of our continuous improvement methods manifest themselves with extremely high quality standards and delivery performance.
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