CNC Machining
CNC Milling
Our high-tech, highly-advanced Vertical Milling Centers (4 axis) have the versatility and flexibility to machine any precision component, from prototypes to larger production runs.
Our precision machining centers use dual spindle rotary indexers that can perform multiple operations during a single setup. With 360 degrees of axis rotation, 240 degrees of tilt, and up to 4th axis programming, our milling machines can reach the difficult angles for the most complex jobs.
We recently expanded our line of routing and milling capabilities to 50” x 20” x 20”, with new 4th axis machines. Our milling machines meet component tolerances as precise as +/-.001″, depending on the characteristics of the machined material.
Milling Capabilities Snapshot:
• CNC Milling materials up to 50” x 20” x 20”
• 4th axis programming
• Close tolerances to +/- .001” (Depending on material characteristics)
Conventional milling operations to 30” x 12” 16”
CNC Turning
Our state-of-the-art CNC Lathes utilize live tooling, which “mills and drills” your parts while they’re being turned. This helps cut down on secondary operations, delivering your parts faster and helping to reduce cost.
Turning Capabilities Snapshot:
• Machining from 1/16” to 13 ½“ in diameter
• Up to 4th axis programming
• Live tooling, angled hole drilling
Conventional turning operations from 1/64” to 24” in diameter

Stamping & Fabrication
Sinotekk Stamping and Fabrication division provides quality metal stamping production and welding, customized metal fabrication, and tool and die manufacturing. Our metal stampings are produced from a wide spectrum of materials, which include cold rolled steel, stainless steel, draw quality steel, brass, aluminum, copper and high strength materials that range in thickness from .005″ (.127 mm) up to .5” (13 mm) and with configurations that range from the simplest of designs to complex in nature. These varying factors to the selection of our numerous punch presses for production. We are also capable of handling coils up to 45” (1143 mm) in width and press capacities range from 32-ton to 800-ton Mechanical Presses and from 500-ton to 2000-ton Hydraulic Presses. These have given us great flexibility when choosing the most appropriate equipment to manufacture the required specs to your application needs.
Die Casting
Sinotekk is a partnership of the die casting factory where the the aluminum casting line is constantly upgraded to embrace the latest casting technology.
Imported machines are specified and installed with the latest electronic controls able to generate precise shot profiles every time. The minor variations within the system are captured every shot. Micro adjustments are then automatically undertaken by the machine control that maintain exact casting condition profiles.
This ensures repetitive casting quality control will be achieved each and every time the die is loaded onto the machine. The casting capability across the six machines with locking forces from 125 to 900 tons enables to produce parts from a few grams to 12 kg shot weight.

AluminiumDiecasting Machines
•  800t -1 off automatic diecasting cell
•  400t - 1 off automatic diecasting cell
•  320t - 1 off automatic diecasting cell
•  200t - 1 off automatic diecasting cell
•  125t - 1 off automatic diecasting cell

The Zinc alloy die casting line is using the latest specification hot chamber machines to produce consistent quality castings time after time. The casting capability across the zinc machines allows zinc casting production up to 4 kg. The special properties of zinc based alloys, their castability and low melting point, allows very close tolerances to be cast, eliminating machining to all but the tightest controlled dimensions such as bearing bores.
The finishes that can be applied to zinc based castings is legendary, from raw polished to gold plating and every option in between.
The lower cost of tooling associated with zinc casting alloys and the extended die life makes this alloy choice ideal for certain options. Half a million shots are regularly achieved before tooling requires refurbishment or replacement. This, together with its finish plating options, close tolerances achievable, plus its intrinsic weight ensures there will be a steady future for this alloy and casting system.

Zinc Diecasting Machines
•  125t - 1 off automatic diecasting cells
•  100t - 1 off automatic diecasting cell
•  80t - 1 off automatic diecasting cell

Assembly & Contract Manufa
Sinotekk has prepared fabrications and assemblies for customers across a broad range of industries thru our special assembly & contracted manufacturing programs. Using our capabilities to prepare finished assemblies provides our customers with the ability to instantly expand production output without the need to hire or invest in added facilities. Some companies use our services for new product rollouts until they can accurately predict demand and bring manufacturing in-house.
A sampling of our assembly/sub-assembly and contract manufacturing capabilities include the following:
• Engineering services
• Design assistance
• Cost reduction programs
• Production planning software
• Complete machining capabilities
• Extensive welding and bonding capabilities
• Comprehensive secondary finishing
• Fabrication & assembly of products with multiple components
• Assembly of components combining metal and plastics
• Stringent quality control/assurances
• On-site warehousing
• JIT and other "hold & release" shipping
• Bar coding
• Laser letching
•Millipores cleaning and testing

•  100t - 1 off automatic diecasting cell
•  80t - 1 off automatic diecasting cell

Tooling & Component Design
Success or failure of any product will depend on its individual component designs.
Sinotekk have been working with partners who have wealth of tool design experience to call upon to support our customers requirements. The length of service enjoyed by the Sinotekk team, allows them an unequalled knowledge of novel solutions to employ, when needed to solve complex issues.
By careful attention to detail it is possible to create tooling and component design that minimises cost, while enhancing manufacturability.
Successful, trouble free supply, is a function of this initial design input. If you send us your design we can advise you, make recommendations, and define the options available that will create a successful product first time, every time.

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